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An new and fast Figma plugin, AI Palette, changes the game when it comes to designers’ color palette generation processes. Learn more about what makes AI Palette special by taking a look at its main features: AI-Driven Color Generation: Use AI technology to quickly create a wide range of color palettes. Create Button: Identifies the active color scheme and provides alternative schemes with a single click. Pressing the “Apply” button makes it simple to include the preset color scheme into the design, which immediately refreshes the artboard. Designers can input language to build unique color palettes using the Chat GPT AI Model. Changes to Colors: Use the window’s color palette to pick new hues to replace the ones given. Time-Saving Workflow Efficiency: Makes color picking easier, which saves designers a lot of time. Efficient: A user-friendly interface is designed with easy controls to generate and apply color palettes quickly. The process is as follows: to get fresh color palette suggestions, click the “Generate” button. Click the “Apply” button to incorporate the created color scheme into the design. Enter your color preferences inside the text box to use the Chat GPT AI model. You may easily change the color palettes that are recommended by choosing other colors. AI Palette is an add-on for Figma that streamlines the process of creating color palettes with the help of artificial intelligence. A more efficient workflow and the ability to quickly create varied and original color palettes are both benefits that designers can get.

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