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AutoPod is a pack of plug-ins for Adobe Premiere Pro that allows for automatic editing for video podcasts and shows. The pack includes three main features: Multi-Camera Editor, Social Clip Creator, and Jump Cut Editor. Multi-Camera Editor edits multi-camera sequences for up to 10 cameras and 10 microphones, including solo shots, two shots, three shots, four shots, and wide shots. It is customizable to work with any editing method and can save presets for consistent use. Social Clip Creator creates clips for social media in three different aspect ratios, including auto-reframe, watermarks, and endpages if desired. Clips are stored in a folder and can be batch exported with a single click. Jump Cut Editor can create jump cuts based on silence, making it ideal for social clips where jump cuts are required to keep the audience engaged. Users can input a decibel cutoff for their particular microphones and create cuts. AutoPod is designed to save editors time and automate many of the processes they don’t want to do.

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