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In order to help people quickly find the information they need on the web, BLUF is an AI-powered tool. The three primary features of BLUF—ASK, SUMMARIZE, and EXPLAIN—make it easy for users to refine their search, get important highlights, and understand complicated ideas. Main Characteristics: ASK Functionality: Eliminate superfluous details and refine your search for faster, more accurate results. Features of Summarize: Get the essentials of any page on the web in a flash. EXPLAIN FUNCTION: Get a good grasp on difficult ideas with the help of descriptions that are easy to understand. We provide three different pricing tiers to meet the demands of our customers: FREE, STANDARD, and PROFESSIONAL. Limitations on Prompts: 25 per month for the FREE plan, 200 per month for the STANDARD plan, and unlimited per month for the PROFESSIONAL plan cost $10 each month. In BLUF, a prompt can be any kind of message provided to the tool, including text-based prompts, requests for explanations or summaries, and so on. For better results and optimized processing of extensive content, use dedicated buttons for summary and explanation requests. Use Cases: • Efficient Information Retrieval: Use ASK feature to quickly discover the needed information from web pages by filtering out irrelevant material. Get the most important points of web pages quickly and easily with the SUMMARIZE feature. • EXPLAIN feature provides explicit explanations for complicated ideas, which enhances understanding. • Personalized Price Structures: Pick from three different plans—FREE, STANDARD, or PROFESSIONAL—to meet your specific urgent demands. For improved outcomes when dealing with huge amounts of content, make use of the summary and explanation request buttons that have been optimized for prompting. Users are able to save time and easily access the information they need from web pages with the help of BLUF.

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