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With BoltAI, you can access ChatGPT from any Mac app without ever having to switch contexts. Improve your workflow and get more done by using ChatGPT right in your favorite apps. Among its most notable features is the ease with which users can access ChatGPT from within any Mac application. Integrates with all of your favorite macOS apps without a hitch, creating a streamlined workflow. Make Your Own AI Helpers: Tailor the Answers Your AI Helpers Give You to Your Unique Situation. Automate routine tasks and get frequently used data with the help of the built-in AI commands and prompt library. Safe and Privacy-Primed: Preserve the secrecy of your information and correspondence. Keep command of your AI assistant’s actions and data by using your own API key. With a one-time payment strategy, you may enjoy long-term value. Use Cases: Email and chat app responses created by artificial intelligence can greatly improve communication. Quickly retrieve information and insights to speed up article creation and research. You can program your own AI commands and shortcuts to automate mundane chores. Introducing BoltAI, the perfect solution for macOS users looking to streamline their workflow and gain fast access to ChatGPT. Make the most of your favorite apps’ built-in AI features to boost your productivity.

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