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Introducing ChapterMe’s ChapterGPT, an AI tool designed to help content creators like you to automatically create timestamp chapters for your videos and podcasts, saving you hours of time, effort, and money so you can focus on what you do best – creating great content. Key features include: SEO Friendly Chapters: Generate search engine optimized (SEO) chapters that can increase content discoverability by up to 25%. User-friendly Tool: Simple and intuitive superhuman like tool to quickly create, edit, and publish your chapters to YouTube and podcast platforms. Multiple Integrations: ChapterGPT currently supports YouTube and RSS feed integrations, with more integrations with Spotify, Google & Apple Podcasts, Wistia, and others in the pipeline. Use Cases: Video and podcast creators looking to enhance their user experience and improve content discoverability while saving 100’s in both time and money. Enterprises who want to index their knowledge base for easy access and provide their employees with an interactive & immersive learning experiences. Influencers aiming to grow their viewers and reach a wider audience.

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