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Using state-of-the-art techniques in artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP), CrowdPrisma completely revamps the way survey replies are analyzed. Thousands of free-text responses can be quickly and easily analyzed with CrowdPrisma, saving users a lot of time compared to human analysis. Impressive Automated Topic Modeling: Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms driven by artificial intelligence (AI) automatically sort free-text replies into pertinent categories. Discover connections between survey questions with the help of an interactive dashboard that lets you explore and analyze individual respondent subgroups. Analyze surveys in under an hour instead of weeks, allowing for quicker decision-making. Pricing Flexibility: Try it out for free with full access to all features, including a single survey with 10 questions and 200 participants. Discount of 25% off the first year’s price for beta program participants. Market researchers that need to examine a lot of survey results fast and properly are good candidates for this use case. Experts in customer service who are trying to make sense of client comments. those working in human resources who are interested in learning how workers feel and developing their skills. Users’ wants and needs can be better understood by product managers and UX researchers. Academics and social scientists who conduct surveys for the purpose of doing research. Anyone in a position of authority who wants to base decisions on data collected from customers should read this. By automating analysis and offering actionable insights in a fraction of the time, CrowdPrisma enables customers to harness the full value of their survey data. With its user-friendly UI and AI-driven features, CrowdPrisma changes the game when it comes to analyzing survey responses. Users can now make better decisions and drive more meaningful outcomes.

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