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Whether you’re on a call, making a recording, or participating in an online conference, CrystalSound can help you eliminate background noise with its artificial intelligence technology. By utilizing its cutting-edge algorithms and features, CrystalSound is able to effectively remove background noise, echo, howling sounds, and other voices, allowing you to talk with confidence. Among CrystalSound’s features are the following: Bidirectional noise removal, which enhances audio clarity by amplifying frequencies from 8 kHz to 16 kHz and from 16 kHz to 32 kHz, and real-time noise reduction on both the outgoing and incoming sides of calls, all while delivering high-definition voice quality. HD Voice Audio Loss Concealment: Automatically hides missing audio due to data loss when transmitting within 5% of the original signal, allowing for noticeably improved audio quality and enabling HD Voice Enablement. Acoustic/Room Echo Suppression: This feature helps to reduce or eliminate echo, whether it’s coming from the user’s voice or the walls of a room that is otherwise vacant. Customized: Utilizing AI, the system enhances the user’s audio by adapting to their unique vocal traits and surrounding environment.

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