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To revolutionize your relationships with customers across all modes of communication, CXCortex is the best CX analytics tool you can get. Thanks to its cutting-edge AI features, it provides you with unmatched insights into your service and customer experience through automated transcription, deep analytics, and behavior measurement. Among its most notable features is its ability to comprehend and prioritize each contact across all channels of communication by utilizing artificial intelligence. Automatic Analysis and Transcription: CXCortex uses AI to transcribe and analyze recorded phone calls, emails, and texts, delivering insights that improve customer interaction. After CXCortex understands a contact, it may auto-triage it and provide suggestions or answers based on past data, which improves engagement and resolution time. Get a complete picture of your service quality with multi-channel monitoring. Keep tabs on employee actions and customer experience (CX) across all channels, including call recordings, emails, and chat platforms. Process call recordings, emails, and messages effortlessly with easy API integration. Coding is not required for simple processing of call recordings stored on AWS S3 or MS Azure. Improving Generative AI: Use Generative AI to get in-depth knowledge about CX Analytics, which will show you all about how your employees are doing and what customers think. Get all the information you need about customer experience (CX) in one place by using a centralized dashboard. Automation of triage and, in the near future, responses, simplifies interaction. Quick Alerting: Find major problems and trends in a flash, so you can react quickly and find bigger problems with your business or brand. Gain a deeper understanding of staff effectiveness and customer satisfaction by delving into conversation substance with CXCortex AI-powered CX Analytics. Interaction Analytics gathers exact information and comments, allowing you to shape service plans with informed decisions. Decreased Feedback Expenses: Save money by eliminating the need to manually gather and analyze feedback data from many channels. Reducing the need for repeated feedback requests and standardizing analysis through the collection of background data will lead to accurate analysis by minimizing human errors. Respond instantly to brand criticism and compliance deviations by monitoring interactions and sentiment indicators in real-time. Improve engagement with employees and customers with continuous insights—instead of yearly surveys. Employee Empowerment: Utilize AI-powered language models built from previous talks to train and guide your workforce. Motivated and Efficient Teams: Use insights to automate repetitive tasks, and boost motivation and efficiency with BPA and self-service. Gain access to nuanced performance feedback, summary generation, and scoring with AI-powered coaching, which makes use of advanced Large Language Models. Gain an AI Edge with CX Analytics: Use CXCortex to Prove Large-Scale Compliance with Consumer Duties. Using analytics and monitoring powered by AI, FCA-regulated businesses may improve service quality and customer happiness while also providing evidence of good conduct. Now is the beginning of your path to a completely revamped CX experience.

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