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A seed round of $5.1 million was recently raised by Databutton. It is a platform built for designing and launching AI products swiftly without the requirement for a development crew. The company’s tagline is “Prompting is the new programming”, emphasizing their user-friendly approach to app development. Key Features Ease of Use: Databutton allows users to turn their AI app ideas into reality quickly and easily. Even users with little or no coding skills may construct AI apps in no time. Powerful Tools: Users get access to some of the top AI tools in the business, allowing them to build full-stack apps on the cloud. Community Support: Databutton has a Discord community of AI enthusiasts and dreamers, where users can connect, share ideas, and get help. Use Cases Chris Wright, Founder at Fifty Five and Five, uses Databutton to rapidly turn his fully formed ideas into apps. Fernand Roovers, Digital Employee knowledge Manager at Teleperformance, finds it remarkable to design AI apps in no time, while having little or no coding knowledge. Ramsri Goutham Golla, Founder at Questgen.ai & Supermeme.ai, believes Databutton as the appropriate platform to build full-stack apps on the cloud.

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