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Eesel is a powerful browser extension designed to enhance your browsing experience by providing efficient organization and easy access to work-related documents and projects. With its user-friendly interface and convenient features, Eesel helps users filter and organize their browser history, streamlining workflows and productivity. Key Features: Browser History Filtering: Easily access work-related documents using various filters. Shortcut Access: Open the extension from any page for quick access. Automatic Organization: Work is organized into folders for efficient navigation. Team Progress Updates: Stay updated on team progress and new pages. No Account Creation or Data Sharing: Ensures privacy and security. Free to Install: Available on Chrome, Firefox, Brave, and Edge browsers. Use Cases: Professionals and Remote Workers: Utilize Eesel to efficiently manage work-related documents and projects. Project Managers: Stay organized and updated on team progress and projects. Sales and Customer Support Teams: Quickly access customer-related pages and information. With Eesel’s browser extension, users can significantly improve their productivity and organization while browsing the web. The seamless integration with popular browsers, automatic organization of work, and efficient access to documents make Eesel a valuable tool for professionals and teams looking to streamline their workflows and stay on top of their work-related activities.

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