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You may get chatbot project templates and source code at Ellen AI, which unlocks a world of AI friendship. If you want to create and customize an AI friend, this multipurpose program is your best bet. Among its most appealing features is the availability of full source code for all aspects of your artificial intelligence project, including chatbot templates. Personalization: Import your API keys and modify the source code to make your AI friend unique. To make things easier to learn and put into practice, consider using a video instruction. Rebrand and Resell: Personalize and resell your artificial intelligence creation for a variety of uses, such as chatbot assistants or AI girlfriends. In short, Ellen AI gives people the tools they need to create their own AI friends by giving them access to complete source code, comprehensive instructions, and personalization choices. With Ellen AI as your guide, you can create an AI girlfriend or chatbot helper with ease. Seize this chance to start your AI customisation experience for the pre-launch price!

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