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Gladly’s Sidekick is a groundbreaking AI and automation platform that transforms the landscape of customer service by introducing personalized self-service solutions. Operating in harmony with Gladly Hero, their people-centered platform for agent-assisted customer service, Sidekick incorporates advanced generative AI and no-code automation to deliver seamless and tailored customer self-service experiences through Self Service Threads. Key Features: Personalized Self-Service: Enable personalized and engaging self-service experiences for customers. Generative AI and No-Code Automation: Utilize advanced AI and automation technologies for efficient customer interactions. Seamless Integration with Gladly Hero: Work in tandem with Gladly Hero for a unified and comprehensive customer service solution. Scalable Customer Support: Address a wide range of customer needs and execute transactions efficiently. Use Cases: Customer issue resolution: Empower customers to handle complex tasks such as returns and exchanges through Self Service Threads. Streamlined customer interactions: Provide seamless and personalized self-service experiences for common customer inquiries. Building customer loyalty: Enhance customer satisfaction by combining AI-powered efficiency with people-centered customer service. Gladly’s Sidekick redefines the customer service landscape, offering a powerful combination of personalized self-service and agent-assisted support. By leveraging advanced AI and automation capabilities, Sidekick enables businesses to create meaningful and engaging interactions with their customers, fostering loyalty and customer satisfaction.

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