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Features Generative AI-Powered Customer Support: Haptik provides round-the-clock support powered by Generative AI. It retrieves website information based on customer queries and generates dynamic responses through CRM and Web API integration. This helps enterprises manage the customer lifecycle, streamline support, boost marketing, and amplify sales. AI Sales Assistant: Haptik’s AI sales assistant helps customers find what they’re looking for easily and makes tailored recommendations based on their preferences. Help Desk Assistant: Haptik provides support personnel with a contextual inbox, AI chat prompts, client details that are already loaded, intent detection, and other tools to ensure that queries are resolved quickly and satisfactorily. With the use of intelligent analytics, we can see how well bots and agents are doing and where we can fill in any support gaps. Rate of query completion, CSAT score, average time to handle a query, and other metrics are all trackable. Haptik, a WhatsApp CRM and campaign manager, lets you make visually appealing campaigns on WhatsApp to attract users and boost conversions. You may optimize your WhatsApp campaigns for higher return on investment (ROI) by diving into their key performance indicators (KPIs). Retail: The personal care brand Tira improved acquisition with the help of Haptik’s AI Assistant, which enables conversational product discovery and personalized product suggestions. This was one of numerous successful use cases of Haptik’s generative AI-powered conversational CRM. In the financial technology industry, Upstox onboarded over 220,000 users using a WhatsApp chatbot and handled over 4 million conversations using Haptik’s solution. With a CSAT score of 82%, Kotak Life’s chatbot with Haptik allowed policy purchases via WhatsApp. In the healthcare industry, Jio Health Hub increased its unique users by 21% after collaborating with Haptik to develop a WhatsApp virtual assistant. In the entertainment industry, Disney Hotstar improved their query resolution time by 97% by using Haptik’s WhatsApp chatbot. The numerical impact of Haptik’s success metrics is as follows: a 68% repeat rate on WhatsApp commerce, a threefold rise in generated leads, a twelvefold boost in net promoter score, and a ninety-nine percent improvement in first response time. Haptik has worked with more than 500 organizations, including Paytm, Jio, and Paisabazaar. Having processed over 10 billion interactions and 10 million transactions, the organization possesses over a decade of AI knowledge. On G2, it has a 4.5/5 rating.

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