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In order to organize interviews and discover the appropriate hire, Holly is built to comprehend your job descriptions, uncover and target prospective candidates, and handle candidate communication effectively. Among its most notable features is Holly’s ability to analyze job descriptions in order to determine which credentials and skills are required. To locate the most qualified individuals to fill your available positions, Holly use artificial intelligence techniques. Holly is in charge of outreach and communication, interacting with candidates to schedule interviews and answer their queries. Holly transcribes interviews, which facilitates reviewing and evaluating prospects. Applications: • Human resources departments: enhance candidate quality while streamlining the hiring process. • Automating the hiring process can help small firms save time and money. AI-powered applicant finding and communication can greatly enhance the services offered by recruitment companies. Efficiently manage the recruitment process across several time zones with remote teams. Holly is an AI-powered recruiting assistant that is always learning and can put your recruitment process into autopilot.

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