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Magicflow is a productivity tool that helps users track and manage distractions, enabling them to focus on their goals. It offers live flow timers, distraction warnings, and a flow meter to encourage deep work sessions. Key Features: Distraction Tracking: Helps users identify and track their distractions to better understand what hinders their focus. Live Flow Timers: Provides Pomodoro-based timers for focused work sessions, helping users structure their time effectively. Distraction Warnings: Sends alerts and reminders to minimize distractions and maintain focus during work sessions. Flow Meter: Visual representation of progress and achievement, encouraging users to stay in a state of flow and complete their tasks. Use Cases: Individuals seeking to improve their productivity and focus on their goals. Students and professionals looking for a structured approach to time management and deep work. Individuals who want to develop self-awareness regarding their distractions and work habits. Anyone who desires a visual motivator to stay focused and track their progress during work sessions. Magicflow is an invaluable tool for individuals who want to gain control over distractions and enhance their focus.

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