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Monarch AI Assistant is an advanced personal finance management tool powered by artificial intelligence (AI). It is designed to simplify and streamline financial management by providing users with a conversational interface that offers personalized advice and insights. Key Features: Net Worth Tracking: Users can monitor their net worth by aggregating various financial accounts. Budgeting: Monarch provides insights and recommendations to help users create and manage budgets effectively. Investment Management: The tool offers portfolio analysis and personalized investment advice. Spending Insights: Users gain insights into their spending habits through categorized expenses and visualizations. Custom Dashboard: A customizable dashboard centralizes key financial information. Recurring Transactions: Monarch assists in managing and tracking recurring expenses and income. Collaboration: The tool supports collaborative finance management and sharing with trusted individuals. Use Cases: Individuals seeking a user-friendly and AI-powered personal finance assistant. Families or couples looking for a tool to manage and collaborate on their finances. Investors wanting to track and optimize their investment portfolio. Users aiming to create and stick to budgets while receiving personalized financial guidance. Monarch AI Assistant aims to empower users with the tools and insights needed to achieve financial health

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