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When it comes to creating ultra-small neural networks for programmable sensors, Neuton TinyML® is the go-to automated Tiny ML platform. The platform’s ability to generate models with a size of less than 1 KB while maintaining accuracy is a key feature. Strong neural networks can be executed even on 8-bit microcontrollers. This approach outperforms the competition using models that are up to ten times smaller. Automated Tiny ML Platform Without Code: Neuton provides a transparent pipeline and is fully no-code. It facilitates the native embedding of very small and accurate models into8,16, and 32-bit microcontroller units (MCUs) and the automatic construction of such models without further compression. Put Neuton to Work: Our platform offers pre-built solutions for a wide range of uses. For example, it enables a 97% accuracy rate for touchless interaction with smartwatches and other wearables. Developers can take advantage of Neuton’s free unlimited plan. Within the first 90 days of your account, GCP will credit your account up to $500. You can get 100 hours of platform training for $500. For example, the platform offers a pre-built solution for touch-free interaction with smartwatches and other wearables, which is just one of many use cases for Neuton TinyML®. Devices for Remote Control: At the TinyML Forum 2023, Neuton.AI showcased a gadget for remote control. The future generation of smart toothbrushes will use this platform, which was highlighted in Arm Tech Talk 2023.

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