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To help you study more effectively, we present Paperclips Copilot, an add-on for Chrome that can transform any material on the web into professional-grade flashcards. With just one click, students may turn any selected text—whether it from a course note, blog post, news item, or anywhere else—into a flashcard that is ready to be reviewed. Among its most notable features is the ability to quickly create flashcards by highlighting text and then using a straightforward tooltip to do so. Maintain a unified system of flashcards across all of your tabs for effortless organization. Share Your Flashcards on Well-Known sites: Share your flashcards on well-known sites like Quizlet and Anki with ease. Use Cases: Make the most of your study time by easily making flashcards from any content you find online. Get more out of your classes by interacting with the content in a more interesting and memorable way. Personalize your learning materials by highlighting and converting any relevant information. You can’t only use Paperclips Copilot as a study tool. Every bit of text becomes a stepping stone on your path to knowledge as it changes the way you interact with information online. With this app, you can revolutionize your study sessions with just a click! It makes them more efficient, interesting, and pleasant!

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