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Introducing Polyhive, a cutting-edge AI texturing tool specifically engineered to add texturing effects to 3D objects. Without compromising the mesh or UV structure, Polyhive’s one-of-a-kind mesh-aware texturing approach guarantees 360° uniformity, guaranteeing high-quality, game-ready assets. Important Features: Intelligent Texturing Method That Preserves Mesh and UV Structure (Mesh-Aware Texturing). Make material maps with ease using the platform’s built-in tools. Collaborative Asset Management: Manage your 3D assets in a team setting to maximize productivity. Game Engine Integration: Effortless compatibility with well-known game engines, such as Unreal and Unity SDKs. Practical Applications: Create optimized texturized 3D models that are game-ready. Streamline your workflow by managing 3D assets in a collaborative setting. You may easily use textured 3D assets by directly integrating them with game engines such as Unity and Unreal SDKs. Get aesthetically beautiful and functionally sound game assets quickly and easily using Polyhive’s reskin and texturing tools. It revolutionizes the way 3D assets are managed; it’s more than just an AI texturing tool.

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