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When it comes to managing people and employing new employees, Pymetrics is a game-changer. Throughout the talent lifecycle, it employs audited AI and data-driven behavioral insights to improve efficiency, effectiveness, and fairness in hiring. Important Features: Evaluations: Pymetrics evaluates the full talent lifecycle using gamified behavioral assessments. Instead of relying on subjective questionnaires or resumes, it gathers objective data on behavior and cognition that assesses everyone’s actual potential. Pymetrics creates unique algorithms according to your company’s standards for exceptional talent, allowing for personalized AI training. Bias testing is done on all algorithms on a regular basis. Because of this, talent engagement, mobility, and retention are all enhanced. Completely Objective Matches: The Pymetrics platform can assess candidates for any position inside your organization and the Pymetrics ecosystem. Instead of rejecting, the platform reroutes job seekers until they find one that fits. Use Cases: Talent Acquisition: Assists in the search for qualified candidates for open positions. Assists in reshaping the workforce to meet the evolving demands of the industry. Increases workforce mobility and capacity for skill reskilling. Training and Education: Facilitates employee training and education. Helps establish a diverse workforce through diversity initiatives. Advantages: Higher retention rate (198%), shorter hiring time (59%), higher annual sales (62%), and more female representation

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