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Using cutting-edge AI technology, the revolutionary Raw Query tool lets users have natural conversations with their databases, just like they would with their coworkers. You might think of it as a data assistant that makes entering, editing, and querying your database much easier. Main Characteristics: Data Assistant Driven by AI: Make use of sophisticated AI algorithms to converse with your database in plain English. Effortlessly Retrieve Data: Use simple English queries to access your database. Effortless Data Export: No complicated software or coding is required to effortlessly export data as CSV files. Seamlessly Insert New Data: No special form is required to insert new data into your database. Effortlessly Update Data: Make changes to current data with ease, guaranteeing precision and productivity. Reduces Workload: Simplify database transactions without utilizing complicated tools or software. Developer-Friendly: Use Raw Query as an all-inclusive data helper to avoid building numerous internal apps. With the help of business intelligence tools, you can talk to your database in a way that everyone can understand, rather than requiring an expert in database administration. Developers looking to streamline database interactions without developing in-house solutions will find this useful. Business intelligence experts in search of a user-friendly interface for updating, querying, and exporting data without a deep understanding of databases. People and groups who don’t have much experience with complex software but who need to efficiently access, export, or edit database data. This tool is designed for users who are looking to save time and increase productivity by using natural language commands to streamline database interactions. With Raw Query, a robust data assistant, users can communicate with their databases in a natural way. Raw Query improves efficiency and saves time by making data querying, adding, and updating easier than ever before. It does this without requiring complicated tools or expert database expertise.

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