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Effortlessly manage your receipts and invoices with Receiptor.ai. This solution, driven by AI, can recognize and extract receipts from your email inbox. It then transforms the data to PDF and transmits it to your accounting software. Key Features of Receiptor.ai: Automated Receipt Extraction—Just connect your email account, and the app will begin extracting and converting receipts for you. Important Data Extraction: The program records critical information from receipts, such as purchase totals, class labels, and due dates for disputes. Quickly and easily create an exhaustive spreadsheet including all relevant financial data. In order to find receipt information, Receiptor.ai can look back over your whole email history. With the option to export reports to PDF, you can streamline your accounting and financial tracking procedures. Use Cases: Efficiently Prepare for Tax Season: Save time and effort by streamlining receipt administration, especially during tax season. With all of your receipt information in one place, you can be sure that no deductions will be overlooked thanks to accurate deduction tracking. Accounting Simplified: Create well-structured spreadsheets to facilitate easy tracking of financial data. Access all of your financial records with the help of retroactive receipt extraction. Tax return filers, entrepreneurs, and accountants are just a few of the many types of users that Receiptor.ai serves. You can choose options that are perfect for your email traffic and budget here. Rest assured, Receiptor.ai has been thoroughly tested and meets all security standards. Your data is protected by the Google API Services User Data Policy.

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