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By reducing time and money spent, Remy Security revolutionizes security design reviews. Language Models (LLMs) provide specific insights, and this tool lets users rank ideas according to risk. Notable characteristics include comprehensive coverage in every review and automatic question generation for design authors. Remy Security guarantees thorough risk assessment by integrating smoothly with issue trackers and papers. Important Features: Risk Prioritization: Use risk-based design prioritization to concentrate on issues with higher importance. LLM Insights: Get specific information on design risks without having to manually come up with ideas. Improve the review process by automatically generating questions and comments for the designers. Comprehensive Coverage: Investigate all possible dangers to the exclusion of all others. Effortless integration with papers and problem trackers ensures that no risky plans are missed. Security design evaluations can be made more efficient, which in turn reduces costs and labor. Improved Risk Management: Keep an eye on engineering plans and give priority to designs with a high potential for harm. Users can try out the latest version of Remy Security and get updates throughout the early access phase. It gives security teams the tools they need to effectively manage and evaluate design risks, making sure that no detail is overlooked.

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