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With the help of its worldwide eCommerce fraud management platform, Riskified, brands can work together to increase sales, decrease expenses, and stop fraud in its tracks. You can improve your performance with the help of their platform’s revenue-critical decisions and the goods they power. Important Features: Chargeback Guarantee: Reduces expenses associated with fraud and boosts income through the approval of more valid transactions. Dispute Resolution: Creates a unified system for chargeback management, simplifying processes. Thanks to its automated processes, it will never be late with a chargeback. Keeps customers’ store accounts safe from hackers and handles customer inquiries about questionable account behavior. Policy Protect: Finds customers who are abusively abusing the store’s policies. As a result, abusers can’t eat into profits, and loyal consumers can still be rewarded with welcoming rules. Improve your revenue with PSD2 Optimize by reducing SCA friction and protecting your risk profile with card-issuing banks. Benefits Unlock Full Chargeback Protection, Lower Costs, and Higher Approval Rates to Maximize Online Revenue. Grow Your Company: The platform takes care of all the risk when you launch new items, enter new markets, and modify existing flows. Improve Your Customers’ Experiences: By going above and above with frictionless analysis, you can increase your customers’ loyalty. Use Cases Riskified has assisted clients in achieving: 100% automated decisions, 50% reduction in fraud-related costs, 100% elimination of manual review and 3DS, and double-digit growth in online revenue. Furthermore, Riskified offers a variety of resources, such as a resource center, blog, Risk Academy, and eConfidence. Clients can also take advantage of their documentation and support services.

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