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RobojinAI is an innovative AI-driven customer service tool with the potential to transform the way companies respond to consumer questions and concerns. Improve response times and provide better customer service with its easy integration with Freshdesk, Crisp Chat, and Intercom, among others. Among its most notable features is its integration with ChatGPT, which allows RobojinAI to consistently deliver high-quality replies to client requests. In order to provide clients with trustworthy help, it compiles information from multiple sources, such as websites, knowledge bases, PDF documents, standard operating procedures, and frequently asked questions. This technology is great for companies of all sizes because of how efficiently it handles a large number of questions at once. The result is happier customers because they don’t have to wait as long. The fact that RobojinAI is multilingual means that it can provide accessible and inclusive customer assistance to people all across the world. The tool provides a variety of price plans to meet the demands of different types of businesses. Features such as the number of chatbots, supported languages, web/PDF pages, and ChatGPT response restrictions are included in these plans. Businesses that have unique needs might also inquire about custom plans. The safety of user-provided OpenAI API keys is guaranteed by RobojinAI, allowing for seamless integration. The database stores API keys in an encrypted form for maximum security. Options for Integration: RobojinAI is compatible with many well-known chat services, including Crisp Chat. We are also working on integration options for Zendesk, Freshdesk, Intercom, and others. Advantages for Users: Better Customer Support: With RobojinAI, companies can answer customer questions faster, more accurately, and more helpfully, which means less waiting time and more happiness for customers. ChatGPT technology enables organizations to consistently provide high-quality responses derived from multiple sources, guaranteeing that customers receive correct information and help. This is made possible with AI-powered consistency. Businesses of all sizes can benefit from the tool’s scalability because of how efficiently it handles various requests. Providing inclusive customer service on a worldwide scale is made possible with multilingual help, making it globally accessible. Plans that may be tailored to fit the demands of any company are available, and customers can select from a variety of price options. Safety: RobojinAI encrypts and securely stores OpenAI API keys, demonstrating their commitment to data protection. Options for interaction: The tool’s adaptability is amplified by its seamless interaction with prominent chat services. In a nutshell, RobojinAI is an AI-driven customer care tool that is compatible with all the major platforms. Using ChatGPT technology, RobojinAI improves response capabilities, decreases response times, and boosts customer satisfaction overall. With RobojinAI, organizations can transform their customer support operations with scalability, support for several languages, configurable plans, and an emphasis on security.

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