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Samplette is a music sampling tool that helps users find music samples based on specific criteria such as BPM (Beats Per Minute) or style. With its filtering options, users can narrow down their search and discover music that matches their desired tempo or genre. Key Features: Filtering Options: Users can search for music samples based on specific BPM or select a style from a predefined list. YouTube Integration: Samplette searches YouTube for music samples, utilizing its vast collection of music content. Randomize Button: Users can discover new and unexpected music samples by generating random selections. AI-Powered Search: The tool leverages AI technology to enhance the search process, ensuring accurate and relevant results. Use Cases: Finding music samples with a specific BPM to fit into a creative project, such as a video or remix. Exploring different music styles and genres to discover new sounds and inspiration. Improving music production skills by studying and analyzing various music samples in specific styles. Samplette offers a convenient and efficient way for users to find music samples that match their desired BPM or style.

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