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Slated is here to make your life easier with its one-click scheduling and note-taking features. While still in its private beta, Slated plans to revolutionize team scheduling by making it more intelligent, efficient, and individualized. Personalized Scheduling: Slated takes into account everyone’s schedules and preferences to choose the best time and place to meet. Put an end to faceless appointment times; now you may choose a time that suits your team. In order to choose the most convenient time to meet, invitees can anonymously indicate when they are available or overlay their calendar. Quick and Easy Meeting Scheduling: Slated’s algorithm takes into account the availability and preferences of meeting attendees with only one click. Your complete availability remains private when you use reusable Slated links, and your preferences are shared exclusively with Slated, ensuring that no one on the team has access to them. Put an end to tedious hand-taking of notes with AI-Assisted Note-Taking. Slated provides an AI-powered note-taking solution that makes it easy to capture important meeting points. In order to facilitate the sharing of availability, you can create smart scheduling relationships. Enjoy calendars that learn your habits and help you stay on track with your schedule with personalized smart calendars. Get the Most Out of Your Favorite Productivity Tools with Slated’s Seamless Integrations. Advantages to Users: Efficient Scheduling: With only one click, you can schedule an appointment without ever having to communicate again. Ensure your privacy while yet helping with scheduling efficiency by keeping your availability hidden. You can get more done in less time if you avoid scheduling as much as possible. Make Taking Notes a Breeze: Delegate note-taking to AI and pay attention in meetings. Customization: Slated learns your habits and preferences to make time management and scheduling a snap. To summarize, Slated will revolutionize automated note-taking and personalized scheduling in the future. Smarter meetings, better scheduling, and easier note taking are yours for the taking when you sign up for the private beta. Get back to work and maximize your efficiency with Slated! Get on the waiting list so you can have these perks before anyone else.

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