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SOAPNoteAI is an AI assistant designed to help create Physical Therapy SOAP Note templates. Key features and advantages include: Reduced documentation time: SOAPNoteAI.com aims to reduce daily documentation times by up to 50%. Customizable templates: Users can create as many templates as needed based on different use cases. Clear articulation: The AI assistant helps users articulate their intention and plans in their notes clearly. Use cases for SOAPNoteAI.com involve the following: Efficient note generation: Users enter a short description of their case scenario to generate the subjective section of the SOAP template. They can then make changes as per their needs. Structured documentation: SOAPNoteAI.com follows the SOAP note structure (Subjective, Objective, Assessment, and Plan) used by healthcare providers. It provides an efficient way to generate comprehensive SOAP Note templates. Focus on patient care: By streamlining the documentation process, SOAPNoteAI.com allows Physical Therapists to focus more on patient care. SOAPNoteAI offers different pricing plans, including a free trial with 10 templates, a basic plan with 30 templates, and a pro plan with 100 templates. No credit card is required to start the free trial.

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