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Using cutting-edge AI technology, Spheroid AI Avatars lets users create and customize 3D avatars with powerful AR features. One of the most important features is the ability to create and personalize 3D avatars with different looks, voices, personalities, and actions. With AR interactions, you can put virtual characters in your environment and have conversations with them using voice chat and other controls. Applications in a Variety of Fields: Ideal for advertising, business, customer service, education, and entertainment. XR Hub App: Use your mobile device to interact with virtual characters and explore their augmented reality worlds. Simplify the creation and launch of AR/XR content worldwide with Spheroid Warp. Avatars and augmented reality experiences can be easily integrated into your own branded applications using Spheroid Universe. Practical Applications: Avatars can be used to improve customer service and happiness. Make interactive entertainment with unique avatars. Using interactive instructional avatars can improve learning results and retention. Incorporate avatars into your advertising and marketing strategies to enhance brand recognition and customer loyalty. Make use of AI-driven avatars to facilitate conversational and presentational commercial encounters. Spheroid AI Avatars provides a robust collection of tools for making and personalizing 3D avatars powered by AI that can survive and even thrive in AR settings.

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