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SpreadAI is a pioneering tool powered by artificial intelligence that allows users to effortlessly create striking visuals. Built on the backbone of the open-source project, InvokeAI, SpreadAI employs stable diffusion to produce professional-grade images within a matter of minutes. Key Features: Cloud-Based: As a cloud-based tool, SpreadAI eliminates the need for software installation or expensive GPUs. Users can conveniently access the tool via their web browsers. Efficient UI: SpreadAI’s user interface is swift and potent, offering a range of customizable tools and a cohesive canvas that simplifies the image generation process. Bounding-Box Guided Generation: The tool provides bounding-box guided image generation for easy manipulation, coupled with a staging area for swift review and image selection. One-Click Operation: SpreadAI allows users to tap into their creative potential and generate images with a single click. Benefits: SpreadAI streamlines the image creation process, transforming it into a swift and efficient endeavor. It offers a unified platform with customizable tools, simplifying the process and catering to various user needs. SpreadAI’s bounding-box guided generation and staging area features enable users to manipulate and review their images seamlessly. With its one-click operation, SpreadAI encourages users to unlock their creativity and generate professional images swiftly and effortlessly.

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