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By analyzing and visualizing vital data, Spyper AI gives e-commerce strategies a leg up in the competition. Notable features include: Catalog Insights: Monitor the arrival and departure of products and categories in a store, extracting important information. Gain valuable stock insights by comparing stock quantities over time. This can help you understand which products performed well during various periods. pricing Insights: Understand pricing elasticity by comparing product prices and tracking changes. For the purpose of future planning, it is helpful to make an estimate of the changes in revenue across goods and categories. Examples of Use: Competitor Analysis: Learn more about your competition by examining their online stores and seeing real-time statistics. Keep tabs on items and categories to help with future planning. Find out what’s selling well and track sales trends over time by comparing stock quantities. Keep an eye on product pricing and learn how elasticity of demand affects them. Estimate projected revenue changes across categories and goods to help plan ahead. With Spyper AI, e-commerce companies can optimize their strategy and make well-informed decisions in the ever-changing e-commerce world. It is a potent tool for companies looking to get an edge in the market because of the specific information it can provide, such as catalog details, stock patterns, pricing adjustments, and revenue estimates.

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