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Researchers in artificial intelligence (AI) from Seoul, South Korea, created SwitchLight as a solution. In order to assess and combine photos with the best possible lighting and backgrounds, the program makes use of cutting-edge AI technology. Copy Light is a feature that allows you to create breathtaking pictures by copying and pasting the lighting from any portrait image. Light your photos up with HDRI Relight, a one-of-a-kind panorama image that incorporates the lighting conditions in its immediate vicinity. Acquiring PBR Materials: Loose maps of normal, albedo, and roughness for use in any 3D program that can handle physical-based rendering. Integrate lighting into your own applications with the SwitchLight API. Application for desktops: The desktop application’s beta version is now available. The image formats that SwitchLight is compatible with are PNG, JPG/JPEG, and WEBP. The PNG format is the one that the output is given. For optimal results, keep the image resolution below 2048 x 2048. Anyone looking to improve their photographs with better lighting and backdrops can utilize SwitchLight. Photographers, app developers, and 3D artists will find it especially helpful.

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