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Swotknot is an AI-powered toolbox for educators that enhances teaching efficiency and student engagement. It offers a user-friendly interface for booking remote learning sessions with qualified tutors and provides a range of educational tools to support effective teaching and learning. Key Features: Booking Remote Learning Sessions: Easily schedule and book remote learning sessions with qualified tutors. Personalized Recommendations: AI-powered chatbot integration (ChatGPT) for personalized recommendations and learning resources. Comprehensive Educational Tools: Over 18 educational tools, including scheduling, assignments, video conferencing, whiteboard collaboration, and on-the-spot quizzes. Lifelong Learning Support: Offers courses to keep educators and learners informed about technology advancements and foster skill-building. Mental Health Assistance: Partnership with kokocare to provide accessible mental health support and prevent suicide. Inclusive Platform: Caters to students, parents, tutors, exam preparation, and homeschooling. Adaptable to Future Technologies: Plans to incorporate artificial intelligence, machine learning, augmented reality, virtual reality, microlearning, NFTs, and smart contracts. Use Cases: Educators: Enhance teaching efficiency and student engagement with a range of educational tools and personalized recommendations. Students and Parents: Book remote learning sessions with qualified tutors and access a variety of educational resources. Tutors: Offer their expertise and services through the platform and connect with students for remote learning. Exam Preparation: Utilize the platform’s educational tools and resources to support exam preparation. Homeschooling: Access a comprehensive set of features and tools to facilitate homeschooling and remote learning. Swotknot is dedicated to revolutionizing education by providing educators and learners with a cutting-edge platform that maximizes efficiency, engagement, and accessibility.

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