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Streamers that wish to increase viewer interaction should use Tangia. Tangia has allowed thousands of streamers to create engaging and interactive content for their viewers. Features That Stand Out: Tangia Enhances Viewer Engagement, Creating More Engaging and Fun Streams. Because of its adaptability, Tangia can be easily integrated with any streaming software that accepts browser source. Tangia Parties: Excite and delight viewers by setting Bits & Token targets that trigger exciting dancing parties. Great for Streamers of Any Size: Streamers of any size utilize Tangia to spice up their streams and make them more entertaining. Join the thousands of streamers who have found the power of Tangia to supercharge viewer engagement. Tangia helps you create memorable and exciting stream experiences, increases audience loyalty and enthusiasm, and is easy to integrate with your favorite streaming software. Tangia Parties are fun and energetic ways to celebrate milestones. Whether you’re an experienced streamer or just getting your feet wet, Tangia will guide you in making interactive and dynamic streams that your viewers won’t soon forget.

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