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Trading Literacy is an AI-powered software that can analyze your trading activities and deliver insights through chat. It runs on ChatGPT, a top-tier artificial intelligence model. Comes with Chat and Trade History Files: The AI assistant is capable of analyzing a large number of transactions, producing comprehensive reports, and drawing attention to any problems and possibilities. The ability to import trade history files in PDF or CSV format makes it easy for users to import data from any broker or exchange interface. Users are able to ask inquiries and receive immediate responses on the platform. The available sources indicate that each bot response is associated with a particular transaction or series of transactions. Before sending the document to AI, it is encrypted and anonymized to ensure privacy and security. Conversations can take place in any language because to the platform’s multilingual capabilities. There are two pricing tiers available from Trading Literacy. The first is the Investor tier, which is $19 per month or $119 per year and is aimed at seasoned investors. For professionals who handle many portfolios, we offer a VIP package that includes: up to ten documents, five types of reports, basic transaction anonymization, up to five hundred questions per day, and $1,099 per year. Whether you’re a solo investor or a major corporation managing a vast portfolio, Trading Literacy has you covered with unlimited documents, transactions, chats, and queries, white-label reports, advanced transaction anonymization, API access, and use cases. Better investment decisions can be made by users who have comprehensive insights into their transactions and can see possible problems. Posts on the platform’s blog include a wide range of trading-related subjects, including the Typical Price Indicator Strategy, the Psychological Line Indicator, and the Neckline Pattern in Trading.

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