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Unreal Speech is a text-to-speech service that gives a cost-effective alternative to other popular services. It claims to slash text-to-speech expenses by up to 90%, making it up to 20x cheaper than Eleven Labs and Play.ht, and up to 4x cheaper than Amazon, Microsoft, and Google. Key Features Cost-Effective: Unreal Speech is substantially cheaper than its competitors. Low Latency: It boasts a latency of just 0.3s. High Uptime: The service ensures 99.9% uptime. Volume Handling: The service is capable of processing high quantities, with the capacity to handle over 10,000 pages per hour. Pricing Unreal Speech offers four pricing tiers: Free: $0, 1M characters one time. Basic: $49/month, 3M characters each month. Plus: $499/month, 62M characters each month. Enterprise: Monthly character count of 300 million or more, with custom pricing. The Basic plan costs $16 every 1,000,000 characters, whereas the Plus plan costs $8 per 1,000,000 characters. Save money when purchasing in bulk. In a testimonial, Listening.io CEO Derek Pankaew praised Unreal Speech for its ability to save costs while maintaining high-quality output, especially when handled in large numbers. Users have the option to contact the provider for a custom solution or get started for free. We have the API keys. In San Francisco, the service is lovingly crafted.

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