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VirtualYou is a cutting-edge platform that lets you make customized videos with an artificial intelligence-generated avatar narrating your every word. First things first: users upload a photo of themselves along with some text—their own or generated by AI—on a subject of their choosing. The most important feature is the ability to make personalized videos in which you can record yourself speaking. Avatars Created by AI: Combine voiceovers with animations created by AI to create a lifelike avatar. You have the option to either use AI-generated text on a topic of your choosing or provide your own text. Select a standard male or female voice to use as your avatar’s default speaker. Video Bundles: Choose from a variety of video bundles, each with its own set of features and customization options. Users: People who want their films or presentations to have a more unique feel. Businesspeople whose goal is to promote their videos or other online content more effectively. Advertisers and content creators with the goal of capturing viewers’ attention through customized videos. Individuals or businesses requiring virtual spokespersons for various purposes. Everyone curious about making their own original videos with the help of AI-generated avatars. A fun and easy way to make your own unique videos starring a digital version of yourself is with VirtualYou.

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