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By integrating with OpenAI’s ChatGPT AI chatbot, Yack makes it easy to access it from the MacOS menu bar. Built in Rust, this lightweight, private, and user-friendly program is under 10 MB in size. Yack has a keyboard-first interface, supports markdown, and has many themes to choose from. Among its most notable qualities is its portability; the MacOS software Yack is tiny, quick, and efficient. Protecting Your Privacy: All of your information remains on your device, not on their servers. Markdown Compatibility: Make use of tables, code blocks, bullet points, and numbered lists. Stay tuned for upcoming features like chat searchability and cross-app interoperability. In the near future, Yack will have the ability to integrate with other apps so you can utilize your own context and prompts. Find and refer to past discussions with ease by searching your chat history. Supports Apple Silicon chips, which means compatibility. Intel Processors: Work with MacOS X 10.0 and later, Intel Processors 10.0 and prior, and Apple Silicon. Yack simplifies your access to ChatGPT without the requirement of a browser, which is why you should use it. Designed for productivity, it’s quick, private, and compatible with Intel and Apple processors. In the future, you can anticipate even more features.

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