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If you’re looking for a way to develop your English speaking skills in a relaxed and encouraging setting, try Zaplingo, an AI-powered English tutor that you can use on WhatsApp. It helps students feel more comfortable speaking the target language by providing them with audio messages, authentic conversation practice, and easy-to-understand grammar explanations. Important Features: Audio Messaging: Use audio messaging to practice actual conversations. Learn the rules of grammar with the help of these simple and straightforward explanations. Learn whenever it is most convenient for you, day or night, because it is always available. If you need help understanding something, feel free to ask for clarification in your native language. Get all the features and benefits of the product without paying a dime. Use Cases: People who want to get better at speaking English. Students seeking a classroom setting that is both encouraging and conducive to learning a new language. Anyone who wishes to study using WhatsApp because of how convenient and accessible it is. People studying English who are looking for a way to practice speaking the language in a natural setting while still getting their grammar questions answered. People looking for a convenient and reasonably priced way to improve their English lessons. Zaplingo combines the strength of artificial intelligence with the ease of WhatsApp, giving students a fun and engaging way to practice English.

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