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An effective artificial intelligence tool, AI Perfect Assistant can boost output while also raising the bar for textual quality. Users can accomplish activities like as ghostwriting, translation, and text summarization with the help of this add-in for Microsoft Word and other Office 365 programs. Important Elements of Ghostwriting: Effortlessly Create Sophisticated and Expert Documents. Remove obstacles to efficient communication caused by linguistic barriers through translation. Quickly and easily get the main points of long texts by summarizing them. Compatible with: Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams, and Word. Friendly to users: Setup and operation are a breeze with this program. According to Wayfair’s E-commerce Director and User Experiences Specialist Fernando Rodriguez, it is a “game-changer for working on writing projects” and an invaluable resource for enhancing grammar and writing efficiency. The customizable prompt templates, language options, writing style, and tone settings in AI Perfect Assistant are some of Lisa Sharpe’s favorite features, according to her job as Starbucks’ content manager. Blog posts are where she finds it most helpful. Examples of Possible Use for AI Perfect Assistant include: Creating visually appealing PowerPoint presentations. Respond to communications sent through Outlook and Teams. Perfect your Microsoft Word documents with ease.

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