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A robust Chrome plugin, Bard for Google Pro enhances your search results by integrating Google Bard AI. It has search results driven by AI, support for several search engines, the ability to continue conversations seamlessly, a dark mode, and many ways to display the results. Features: AI-powered Search Results: Get AI results from Google Bard right in your usual search results, with no extra clicks or page loading required. They give essential insights. Expand Bard AI’s capabilities beyond Google Search to your choice search engine with its multi-search engine support. Use it across different search engines. Conversations Continue Effortlessly: Without ever leaving the search page, you may start up right where you left off, ask follow-up questions, and delve deeper into your search topic. Dark option: A dark option is available for customization of your browsing experience. It is visually pleasing and easy on the eyes, allowing you to reduce strain during long search sessions and improve readability. Display AI Results Automatically or Manually: Pick the one that suits you best. To have AI results shown alongside standard search results automatically, enable automated mode. If you prefer to present AI results manually, you can do it whenever you need to. Advantages: Gather important information and background without wasting time with extra clicks or page loads. Make sure your search experience is consistent by extending Bard’s AI capabilities to your choice search engine. Keep talking about what you were looking for and learn more about it without ever leaving the search page. Dark mode is an interface customization option that can help with readability and eye strain. If you’re looking for AI insights but prefer a more hands-on approach, you can toggle between automatic and manual result presentation modes. With Bard for Google Pro, customers may enhance their search experience by incorporating the robust capabilities of Google Bard AI into their standard search results more smoothly.

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