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Users who are blind, have low vision, or are otherwise visually challenged can connect with sighted volunteers and professionals through the free mobile app Be My Eyes to receive instant visual help through live video chat. In addition to offering video support and corporate volunteering solutions, it has a new feature called “Virtual Volunteer” that is powered by OpenAI’s GPT-4. Important Features: Real-time contact between users with visual impairments and sighted volunteers through live video chat. Reading, object identification, and navigation are just a few examples of the many activities that can benefit from immediate visual assistance. An AI-powered virtual volunteer can use visual aids, identification, and interpretation gleaned from photos. A Simple App for Convenient Communication and Support with an Easy-to-Use Interface. Opportunities for corporations to promote accessibility projects through virtual volunteering are available through corporate volunteering. Fundraising for the distribution of free wearable video cameras to students with low eyesight through a GoFundMe campaign. Cases in point: those who are visually challenged and looking for immediate help with mundane activities. help those who are visually impaired move around more freely and independently. Volunteers who are passionate about making a difference and lending a hand to those in need. Businesses that want to use their corporate volunteering programs to make their services more accessible and inclusive. Students who have trouble seeing must have access to instructional tools, such as hands-free video cameras. A game-changer, Be My Eyes connects people who are blind or have low vision with sighted volunteers, creating a mutually beneficial community and giving people the tools they need to live more independently.

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