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Users can access real-time data from a variety of business platforms and conduct data analysis with the use of language instructions on the Coefficient AI platform. By integrating GPT Copilot into spreadsheets, users may have one-on-one conversations with GPT, create charts and formulas, and gain access to insightful data. Important Features: Live Data Integration: Retrieve data in real-time from different company systems. You can integrate GPT Copilot into your spreadsheets so you can chat with GPT, make formulas, and make charts. Use robust, automatically generated formulas and visualizations to streamline data analysis. Create eye-catching charts that draw attention to important trends by analyzing tables. Versatile Applications: Discover GPT’s potential applications in a wide range of domains, including news, blogs, trends, consumer reviews, social media analytics, and industry news. In-Depth Data Analysis: Effortlessly Create Reports and Dashboards by Merging Real-Time and Historical Data. Be the first to use Coefficient AI’s AI tools by signing up for our waitlist. Use Cases: Analyze real-time data pulled from corporate systems. Get in touch with GPT and use your spreadsheets to make charts and formulae. Find patterns by analyzing tables and making informative charts. Put GPT to work for you by mining industry news, rival blogs, market trends, customer reviews, social media analytics, and more for useful information. Combine real-time and historical data to build dashboards and reports. Coefficient AI provides a robust platform that improves data analysis with GPT Copilot and effortlessly connects real data from many corporate systems.

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