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DataRobot provides an all-inclusive AI platform that meets the demands of generative and predictive AI. With its open, flexible, and adaptive design, the platform unifies all AI workflows into a single system. The platform’s primary AI experimentation capabilities include the ability to create new features, interface with feature stores, evaluate data quality, and prepare data for AI. You can use both structured and unstructured data to train a large number of modeling strategies simultaneously. Artificial Intelligence Production: With DataRobot’s unified model repository, you can automate compliance documentation creation, testing, and approval. Various deployment methods allow you to integrate and deploy models anywhere. From any hosting environment, you may use the platform to monitor and assess the ROI, bias, and accuracy of your models in real-time. Data warehouses, machine learning APIs, workflow tooling, business intelligence tools, and enterprise apps can all be integrated into the platform. Infrastructure for Deployment: DataRobot gives you alternatives for private or public cloud, managed SaaS, and other deployment models. Among the many sectors served by DataRobot’s artificial intelligence solutions are healthcare, life sciences, manufacturing, retail, and financial services. The platform also features AI accelerators and a library of use cases designed to achieve particular goals. To help you consolidate your data, ETL, and AI technologies, DataRobot’s platform can connect with a number of Technology Partners, Cloud Partners, and Services Partners. The success stories of DataRobot show how the company has assisted other companies in getting more out of their artificial intelligence projects. Among the featured success stories are those that have improved patient care and operations, tripled graduation rates, empowered data scientists on a large scale, implemented an AI-driven vaccine rollout that has saved lives, achieved better results with 90% less effort, advanced affordable housing, and doubled analytics productivity.

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