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Jochem.ai is a powerful internal AI assistant specializing in customer care-related questions. With its self-improving knowledge base, Jochem.ai efficiently provides instant answers for customer service agents, saving time and minimizing the need for team leads to intervene. Key Features: Self-Improving Knowledge Base: Jochem.ai learns from human answers, continuously enhancing its performance to deliver more accurate responses over time. GDPR Compliance: Jochem.ai ensures full compliance with GDPR regulations, ensuring data security and privacy. Easy Integration: The AI assistant seamlessly integrates with existing systems like Teams or Slack, simplifying knowledge retrieval and management. Instant Answers for Emails and Chats: Jochem.ai can swiftly provide answers to customer emails and chats with a single click, reducing stress on second-line support. Efficient Escalation Handling: If Jochem.ai encounters a question it cannot answer, it immediately escalates it to a senior agent for resolution. The AI learns from these escalations for future reference. Escalation Log Management: The platform efficiently manages escalation logs, ensuring a smooth and organized process for customer support. Operational Insights: Jochem.ai provides valuable metrics such as time saved and hot topics, offering operational insights to optimize customer care. Automatic Knowledge Base Updates: The AI assistant keeps the knowledge base up to date by automatically updating existing content and suggesting new information. Use Cases: Streamlined Customer Support: Jochem.ai enables instant, accurate answers for customer service agents, reducing response times and improving customer satisfaction. Efficient Escalation Handling: Swiftly escalating challenging questions to senior agents ensures prompt and effective resolutions. Operational Insights: By providing metrics and insights, Jochem.ai allows businesses to optimize their customer care processes and identify areas for improvement. GDPR-Compliant AI: Jochem.ai ensures data protection and complies with GDPR regulations, giving businesses peace of mind. With Jochem.ai, your customer care team gains an invaluable AI assistant that continuously improves, streamlining customer support processes and providing operational insights. Embrace the power of Jochem.ai to elevate your customer care services and enhance customer satisfaction.

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