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Kodif is an AI-enabled low-code customer experience platform that streamlines customer care operations, automates customer support, and allows non-technical teams to develop customer experience flows. Important Features: Low-Code CX Platform: Allows teams without technical knowledge to create robust customer experience processes without having to learn how to code. Uses the AI capabilities of GPT-4 and ChatGPT to automate customer care processes. AI Agent Assistant: Gives agents a helping hand powered by AI so they can provide flawless customer service every time. Workflow Guidance: Provides agents with workflow guidance to help them prioritize and efficiently resolve customer issues. Customers can take use of self-service options for faster problem solutions. Use Cases: Backs up use cases like refunds, proactive outreach, risk and fraud prevention, subscription management, and WISMO. Enforces rigorous data security procedures, such as being HIPAA compliant and having achieved AICPA SOC accreditation. Case Studies: Demonstrates successful deployments with diverse companies through real-world case studies. Option to Schedule a Demo and Get in Touch: Gives you the details you need to schedule a demo and get in touch with any questions you may have. Use Cases: Companies aiming to create robust customer experience flows with teams without technical expertise. Teams providing customer service with the goal of increasing efficiency through process automation. Companies aiming to minimize onboarding time, handle time, and boost customer happiness. Businesses that require use cases such as refund management, proactive outreach, risk and fraud prevention, subscription management, and WISMO. To help non-technical teams develop effective customer experience processes, Kodif is an innovative low-code CX platform that uses AI.

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