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Sttabot CSAT is designed to integrate AI with your existing business, focusing on customer support and success. It connects to your database or documentation in real-time, creating an intuitive AI assistant that requires minimal training and effort. Key Features: Seamless integration: Connects with your database or documentation in real-time. Intuitive AI assistant: Requires little to no training and updates instantly. Plug-and-play: Quick and easy setup for immediate use. Real-time updates: Instantly reflects changes made to your database or documentation. Use Cases: • Enhance customer support and success with an AI-driven assistant. • Save time and effort in training customer support staff. • Keep your AI assistant up-to-date with real-time database or documentation changes. Experience the power of Sttabot CSAT and transform your customer support by turning your documentation into a real-time AI assistant, improving efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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