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Brands can grow their marketing efforts with the help of Pixis’s artificial intelligence technology. One of their three primary offerings is targeting AI, which use neural networks to detect and sway target demographics in response to fluctuations in brand engagement, user actions, and overall market tendencies in real time. It paves the way for the discovery of fresh cohorts and the expansion of existing ones. Creative AI: Enhances creative capacities through the use of Generative AI models. It allows for the cross-platform distribution of persona-specific content and communication in an automated fashion. Reduce your creative turnaround time in half with this product’s ability to create and scale high-fidelity video and static assets. Using automated bid and budget pacing and proprietary AI models, performance AI distributes better decisions across marketing channels to enhance return on ad spend (ROAS). Stabilizing CAC is just one of several benefits, along with the ability to use predictive modeling to lessen the effect of short-term swings and seasonality. When you use Pixis’s codeless AI infrastructure for your marketing, you can estimate the AI-powered returns with their AI Savings Calculator. A number of clients have benefited from the company’s services, including Klar, DHL Express, and CARSOME, who have seen benefits in KPIs including cost-per-acquisition, creative turnaround time, conversion rate, social click-through rate, and return on investment. To keep its consumers informed and up-to-date on the latest in AI-led marketing, Pixis offers tools including a blog, podcast, and forthcoming events.

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