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Pixop is an innovative cloud-based service that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve the quality and resolution of videos. It also allows users to remaster and upsample existing videos. Pixop is a user-friendly, reasonably priced, and easily accessible way to automatically enhance videos. It is aimed at professionals in the film industry, video editors, post-production companies, and similar fields. Important Features: Improvements Driven by AI and ML: State-of-the-art automated filters for ML super resolution, AI denoising, AI deinterlacing, AI deep restoration, and more. No need for cumbersome downloads or pricey gear with our user-friendly web app’s accessible and intuitive layout. Integrating with REST API: Great for large-scale projects and business clients with extensive archives. Secure data storage in the cloud eliminates the need for any additional software or hardware installations. For the peace of mind of our users, we have integrated Stripe for secure payment processing. Estimates processing expenses and provides cost-effective alternatives using the calculator and bulk discounts. Collaborating with providers: Adding value to existing workflows by integrating video enhancing technologies. Use Cases: Filmmakers and professionals: Improve the resolution and quality of professional videos. Enhance the quality of your footage using filters driven by artificial intelligence. For top-notch video footage, choose a video production company that can boost resolution and eliminate background noise. For businesses and individuals involved in video creation, Pixop offers a robust AI and ML-driven service for video remastering, upscaling, and augmentation. Pixop, with its user-friendly web app, powerful set of automatic filters, and cloud-based approach, provides an easy and accessible way to enhance video quality and resolution.

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