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Step up your team’s communication and collaboration using Struct Chat Platform’s AI-driven features. The goal of our platform is to improve people’s knowledge by making it easier to find what you need and to have more efficient conversations. Struct uses generative AI to create conversation headers, summaries, and resolution statuses; this is one of its key features and benefits. Time is saved and efficiency is improved with this feature that provides context and importance to discussions. Keep an eye out for the conversational AI interface that will be released soon; it will greatly improve the platform’s features and the way users interact with it. Find out how powerful Vector Search is by exploring its integration of full-text search and Vector Embeddings. To get accurate results, search for thread commonalities and use semantic searches across chats. Knowledge Pages Optimised for Search Engines: Struct creates knowledge pages optimised for search engines for every conversation, making the content easily referenceable. Pricing that is Easy to Understand: Pick from our many straightforward pricing options. Countless users and public threads are yours for free with this choice. You may add features like custom domains, community join links, limitless threads, and custom JavaScript code to our subscription plan. Generative AI makes it easy to include context into chats, so users don’t have to manually search for relevant content. Improved Search: Vector Search facilitates targeted content discovery with precise and efficient semantic searches. Improved Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Knowledge Pages Makes Documentation More Accessible and Enhances User Experience. Personalize your pricing to meet the demands of your team by selecting between a free plan or a premium plan with more features. Simply said, Struct Chat Platform is here to help your team communicate and collaborate more effectively. Finding information and improving context has never been easier with AI-powered features like generative AI, Vector Search, and knowledge pages designed for search engines. With features like conversational AI on the horizon and quick discussion summaries, Struct aims to facilitate teams’ access to information and cooperation. Struct Chat Platform is the next big thing in team collaboration.

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